The life-transforming book: Brilliant well-being


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Following the seven steps described in the book, a powerful transformation will happen to your life. You will get the key to understand and experience the deepest part of yourself. You will discover who you are, in order for you to define life objectives aligned with your deepest self. You will comprehend the core mechanisms of the human behavior. You will learn how to live joyfully in the present moment. You will understand how to create your own authentic vision of life, and how to take action to make your life plan real. You will express your full potential, becoming confident, successful and happy.


Backbone of the Centered Life Model



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4 thoughts on “The life-transforming book: Brilliant well-being

  1. Ellen Rich says:

    We just connected on Twitter and you asked for some help on topics. Here are a few. Feel free to email me. I am actually starting a new series on YouTube…a blog on all things spiritual and how to use ego as a tool and not allow it to use us. It is all about waking up.
    1. Accept yourself
    2. Everything that happens to you is happening for a reason
    3. You create all the reasons
    4. There is no right or wrong in the overall scheme
    5. Your brain is always ready to change when you are
    6. Take responsibility for your life
    7. Read The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz if you haven’t already done so…Be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, always do your best.

  2. Karina Hollender says:

    I couldn´t agree more. I just think there is missing something. Like
    – Forgive your past. It made you into who you are today no matter if it´s good or bad things that happen years ago that you´re still beating yourself up over. Look in the mirror and tell me: Did the experience made into who you are today? Did it give you the stength to see the wonder of the world like love for someone special?
    – Forgive people in your past that have cost you pain or let you down. Carring around anger, disappointment, hurt or resentment that takes up a lot of your energy and the people you´re upset about probably doesn´t even know it. So let it go. Be the strong one and move on. Forgivness is a powerfull thing and can set your mind free as well as your spirit.
    – Believe in the best in people. If you see people as somebody who just wants to hurt you then that will happen. If you look at them as a positive contribution in your life then they will be just that. It all depends on how you look at people and your mind settings. If they´re positve or negative.
    Of course you can´t be happy all the time but exercise your mind to se the positive things instead of all the negative things. It takes a lot of practice but as long as you´re aware of it you can make the changes. And before you know of it your mind does it all by itself.
    That was just some input from me.
    Take care 🙂

  3. Abdallah says:

    I found this website very helpful. We need to keep ourselves motivated all the time in order to be a success. These ideas and insights help us to get the peace of our mind. One of the most influential thoughts that had left a positive impact in my life is a quote from Brian Tracy that says: ” move out of your comfort zone “. Indeed, when we move toward the discomfort zone, we learn more and we grow more.
    It is very important to have models in life who you listen to them and follow them. The model gives you inspiration and power. (…)
    One more thing is how to set goals and how to make plans to achieve them. We really need strategies in our life.
    I hope that my English wasn’t too bad! I’m making efforts to do better in this vital language!
    Thank you!

  4. it is good to read from you

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