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My name is Dimitri Gianesini and I am the founder of the self-development program Brilliant well-being

The main objective of this program is to help people to find the tools to live a life based on sense of purpose and well-being, to achieve their goals and a true successful and happy life. The core paradigm is that, in a true happy life, success consists on the expression of the full personal potential, and on the active contribution to a collective mission, in line with the personal values (this is what I call “real success”).

The program is based on my book Brilliant well-being: 7 steps to becoming confident, successful and happy which is available on Amazon and, in this adverts-free blog, I share some of the core topics (more than 50 reflections available).

I am not a psychologist and you may ask how, with a degree in electronics engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, in Italy, I have designed a program for confidence, real success and happiness. While I was attending the university, my father died because of cancer and, the year after, my sister died due to a car accident. Through that tragic experience, I have realized that happiness does not depend on external factors, but on a strong inner view of the world, which is then translated into action. From the beginning of my work experience, it has been natural for me to manage people and groups. With great interest, I have spent my full career working to lead people and my teams to high performance within corporate and multicultural environments (in world-class international aerospace companies in Italy, UK and France). The first answer I found at the beginning of my career was “I can lead others to high performance only if I am able to lead myself to high performance and understand all the principles behind it”. So, I started a journey that has led me to far beyond my initial target, up to finding the tools for people to live a successful life based on sense of purpose and well-being, and to summarize them in the model of the mind and practical approach to life described in my book and this blog.

I currently live with my wife and my two daughters in France, I work for Airbus, and I consider myself a “lucky person”, as I have been able to overcome difficulties and to enjoy life. I have written my book and this blog because helping people to improve their lives makes me feel good; and because I fully believe that anyone, with the right tools and persistence, can live a true happy life.

The book and this blog are the result of a life of persistent study, practice and actual verification of the overall topics, through my professional experience and the feedback provided by all people I have supported and worked with. Posts in this blog are organised as “reflections”, as they consist on little ideas and practical exercises which express the foundation of the program. Thanks in advance for any comments.

The program is simple, practical and effective; however, if you are interested in the details of its scientific and philosophical foundation, the Centered Life Model is inspired by and derived from both Western and Eastern philosophies, psychology, anthropology and self-improvement techniques (all details in my book).

If you are ready to create the vision for your life and to start a journey for the discovery of your best self, happiness and real success, enjoy the ride reading this blog and the book! 


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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  1. Dimitri, I don’t open many pages on Twitter but yours spoke to me. I too an teaching the tools of empowerment and life change through personal life experience. I also teach a fusion body practice which incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies. I have studied meditation, Quigong and many forms of energy work, movement techniques, manifestation of your thoughts, etc. I will be interested in your book and any ideas you have for me with my blog/and Facebook Fan page which you can click on through Twitter @ CellaZappia. I believe we are all connected and collectively can make the changes this world needs. Good luck. Marcella

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