What makes the difference is putting ideas into action: for meditation as well


You may have a great idea to significantly improve your work, your business, your family’s well-being or your life in general; but you may have doubts on its feasibility as well. The suggestions are obvious: why not to discuss about that with people you trust? Why not to search for information on the subject, to find people who share your same interest? Why not to look for professional advice? Why not to simplify your idea, so to start with simple steps and then to expand using your return of experience?

Without action, one idea remains like a seed never watered, but the success of one idea is achieved when people have the courage to take risks, when people have the determination and curiosity to see what happens when they try to transform their vision into reality.

The same concept is applicable to meditation, which is known since thousands of years and is one of the tools used in the first step of the Centered Life Model (Understand and train your mind). The modern-neuroscience, through extremely advanced brain scans and dedicated research, has demonstrated the positive effects of meditation practice to reduce stress and to increase concentration and well-being  (See: University of Oxford). This simple idea is very old, but what makes the real difference is the action that people take to practice meditation every day, with enough persistence to discover its positive effects. Also in this field, no action means no results.

The inner attitude to put ideas into practice is widely covered in the life-transforming book “Brilliant well-being”; the book describes the tools to overcome any fears and to boost motivation, for people to achieve real success and happiness.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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