Performance: the invisible heroes of everyday life


We often hear the word “performance” for the famous achievers who are able to reach incredible results: football players, singers, actors, showmen, politicians, athletes, etc. So our focus is on the superstars and we may feel miserable when we compare us with them, while we struggle with the challenges of everyday life.

But the word “performance” is simply the measure of accomplishment of a given objective.

Therefore, the mom who decides to give the best to her children and, with determination and devotion achieves this objective, is clearly a high performer! She has one goal, she overcomes the difficulties of life and she achieves it, giving her children the support and attention they need.

However, she will never get the recognition of the mass-media, because she is not in the set of the famous people listed above. Anyway, she is surely a superstar for her children and, most of all, for herself!

Billions of men and women are invisible heroes of everyday life, because “performance” is an approach to life. It consists on the personal measure of how much your life is aligned with your set of values: this is the only performance that matters, this is what opens the path toward inner happiness and real success.


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2 thoughts on “Performance: the invisible heroes of everyday life

  1. kellyjo says:

    it is done very well. keep featuring different people on your site

  2. joy langley says:

    We are all extra “ORDINARY” heroes and heroines in someones life. I love your approach to the fact we all “perform” well at given tasks, on given dates, and at different moments in our lives.

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