The simplest action to come back to your true-self


Every time the storm of anger, anxiety or uncontrollable greed overwhelm you, and you have an instant of realisation that, for this reason, you have completely lost your freedom, you can return to your true-self with few simple steps. As first, it is important to note that these emotions are normal, because they are inherent part of the human being, so they cannot be removed: they must be managed.

When overwhelmed by negative emotions, you can go out from your house or workplace and go for a walk. While walking, when you breath-in simply say I feel the tension and when you breath-out simply say the tension goes away”. Do it continuously for 30 minutes, and you will see that you will start coming back to your true-self and, with a new clarity in your mind, you will become able to start thinking about a positive strategy so for the hell you have experienced not to come back again.

Do this exercise persistently. Be ready! Do it every time you are overwhelmed by the flow of life, and you will change your life in better.

Why such a simple practice is so powerful? Because, in those circumstances, you turn your focus from the external world (which is actually driving your instincts) to your inner world and, doing so, you can detach from that external conditioning.

This is action, this is meditation.

Note: when you feel relaxed, do not stop the exercise, replace the two sentences simply with breath-in when you breath-in and I feel peacefulwhen you breath out. If it is not feasible for you to go for a walk, you can do this exercise at home, while sitting on a chair in a quiet place.


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2 thoughts on “The simplest action to come back to your true-self

  1. Mohammed says:

    Nice words,
    But I believe tension and anger and depression are feelings of neglecting the reason of our creation. We are here for a purpose if we neglect it, we lose every thing in life.

    • dgianesini says:

      Hi Mohammed,
      thanks for your comment.
      I think that, with tension, anger and depression, the reason of our creation will never become clear to us. First of all, we have to work to make sure these emotions do not make us blind. Because, when we are blind, we are so weak that someone else may impose us his view of the world. I think that, only when we feel the peace inside, whatever happens outside, will we be able to see the reason of our creation.


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