The extended mind


Everyone in this word sees things from his/her different and unique perspective. In the life-transforming book “Brilliant well-being”, I have explained how our minds can interact and work together as a big “extended mind”. In simple words, our experience of the world through images, sensations, emotions, logic and sounds can be significantly enhanced if we understand the perspective of other people and we share any instants of each other’s experience. Our thoughts and vision of life is completely and positively widen by this experience.

Moreover, if we see the “extended mind” simply as “people collaborating together”, it can achieve results that no one would reach individually, because only in few cases one person has the strength, skills, energy and ideas to accomplish exceptional and complex objectives on his/her own.

But we need to be realistic; many people consider others like a threat, especially in the contexts where individual competition to produce some results and win something is one of the core paradigms (as in some social and business models of the modern western society). So, whoever thinks that being open to others means taking the risk of being crushed by them and losing the game is right in this context, but only up to a certain extent. Indeed, becoming closed to others may prevent losing some competitions, but may lead to living a life of emotional isolation;  because cutting any relationship with others may reduce the risk of being hurt, but means also missing the opportunity to build, feel and share intense positive emotions with them.

Therefore, one of the core objectives of the Centered Life Model is to allow everyone to develop and strengthen the inner-self; because, having a centred-self means for the individual to develop such a clear vision of life and such a level of self-confidence that it is then natural to become an active contributor to the human group activities, without being crushed. Through the extended mind, anyone of us keeps his/her individual freedom, but becomes able to have not only two, but ten, hundreds, thousands of eyes and hands to discover, experience and enjoy life.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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