Motivation and the spark for your success


Many people ask me how to find motivation to move-on in two specific circumstances:

  • they have achieved a set of short term objectives in their life and now they feel the need to set up new ones, but they lack motivation,
  • they are currently struggling to achieve some of their short term objectives.

It is interesting that, knowing I am the author of the book Brilliant well-being some expect for me “a quick fix to this issue”. It is like if they were saying to me “Hi Dimitri, I have to work hard today, what shall I do?” and they were expecting from me an answer like “Well, drink a jar of coffee, and you will find the concentration and energy to make it!”. This quick fix may be used for one day (I do not recommend it at all!); however, it will never work for long, because you will get used to such amount of coffee; therefore, after a while, it will not have any major energetic effect on you anymore, and you will start having some health problems due to excess of caffeine, so you will have to slow down. Many books and methods offer solutions like “drinking a jar of coffee” because we all hope to find ways to achieve results quickly and with no effort; unfortunately, life is not always so easy, so my book takes a more honest approach.

Indeed, we need to be realistic. A jar of coffee may give you a burst of motivation today. With this, you may be able to get some quick results and these immediate achievements may increase further your motivation. A positive loop so may be switched on, leading you to a successful start. No doubt this can happen. However, it is interesting to note that, in this case, motivation is stimulated from the outside: by the coffee at the beginning and by the awareness of the results later. Therefore, this process can be weak because, as soon as one or the other stimuli is missing, the momentum will vanish. Moreover, whoever has experienced this positive loop may be misled by the idea that motivation comes from the outside; so when motivation vanishes, this people can be stuck awaiting from something external to happen in order see their situation changing.

As I demonstrate in my book, the core source of motivation belongs to the inner-self; so, in order to keep it on-and-on, there are few simple steps that can be followed:

1) Find the spark

-> Learn to focus on your inner self, so to understand what is really and truly fundamental for you. (See steps one and two of the Centered Life Model: “Understand and train your mind” and “Discover who you are”).

2) Make it a fire

-> With your spark always in mind, focus on all tiny achievements that you make at any instants of your life, so to get positive energy from what you do (See step tree of the Centered Life Model: “Live in the moment”).

3) Make it a firework

-> Use both your inner spark and the positive energy you gather from all your tiny achievements to be more and more proactive. Set objectives in line with who you are and take action to live for them, so to give your life a meaning: your meaning. (See phase four and five of the Centered Life Model: “Decide where to go” and “Take action”).

I do not want to say that life is easy when it is not. One typical question comes out as “I currently hate my job, but the spark I found to boost my motivation is not related to it, what shall I do know?” Well, in these circumstances, if your job gives you the resources to take care of something essential for you, this is already a good start to find motivation to go on and, in the meanwhile, to try to proactively find more suitable alternatives (improving your work environment as much as you can or looking for an alternative job). If you definitively hate your job and the resources it provides are not helpful for your life objectives, it is probably the time for you to think about a drastic change of your life and to take action.

As you can see, the steps described require a change of attitude to life: I do not propose “pushing buttons” to get quick non-durable results. With the Centered Life Model there is work to do, but in the right direction, so to nurture your motivation toward confidence, success and happiness.


Many thanks in advance for your comments!



Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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