Learning to fail, to be successful

There are many books which propose energetic approaches to solve the issues of life or to improve performance. The proposed methods promise to achieve best results quickly. No doubt that some of these are effective; however, it is clear that most of them do not prepare to manage the potential failure of not achieving. This because the intrinsic message often is “you have to understand and persist! if you fail, this is because you have not followed the method properly”. In other words, you are pushed to invest your time and energy, convinced by the promise of exceptional and quick results; however, what if the method does not work for you? Or what if the method does not work for you the first time or second time you try it, but it would work at the third one?

If you have invested a lot of energy, the disappointment due to failure can be so big that you may completely give up pursuing objectives in life.

The Centered Life Model takes a different approach; indeed, as first it gives you the tools to learn how to actively accept your failures. In the first step of the method, “Understand and Train your mind” you learn how to develop your attitude of relaxation in order to become able not to be emotionally killed by your failures. Indeed, with relaxation exercises, you learn how not to be overwhelmed by anger or anxiety in negative circumstances. With meditation, you learn how to prevent your failures making you to lose your path (you learn how to observe clearly your negative emotions, to remain detached from them and to find the inner resources to come back to a positive approach). With the Centered Mind Model, you learn the mechanisms that drive the motivation, attack/defence and relaxation attitudes, so to manage them.

The Centered Life Model is open, this means that it leaves everyone the decision on which objectives to achieve in life and on which tools to use to achieve them. Because integrity in one of the leading values of the program, the method starts with the honest recognition that we all are human beings who can fail; therefore, it provides the tools to move forward in these circumstances. The Centered Life Model puts well-being of the individual as a priority, whilst many other methods put the results as a priority, forgetting to point out the potential price to pay.

The the life-transforming book “Brilliant well-being” widely covers all these subjects. Indeed, learning how to manage failures, you become able to persist in order to be successful.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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