Meditation explained: analytical view and practical exercise


One of the main principles of the Centered Life Model is that everyone should take the time to understand and train the own mind. This should be done before making any important decisions in life, in order to be sure that what we choose is in line with our values, it fulfills the needs of our core-self, it allows expressing our potential and building a fruitful relationship with other people. Indeed, this is the only manner for us to create the foundation to live a happy life, with sense of purpose and well-being. In other words, we need to be sure that our mind is free from undesirable external conditioning and that our instincts are not exploited by the external environment.

One of the main tool to understand and train the own mind is derived from the Eastern tradition, and it is based on meditation practice.

If you are not familiar with meditation, it may sound like something weird or you may think it belongs to some strange religious rituals; so it is important to explain that meditation is an activity like many others we can carry out using our mind: as focusing in order to listen our favourite music, imagining something we would like to happen or tasting some good food; simply, it is a task that actively involves all capabilities of the mind at once in a particular manner.

In order to explain the basic mind activity while meditating through a clear description and a simple practical exercise, I have decided to make available an extract of my book to the readership of this blog. My aim is to for everyone to realize how meditation is a simple training of the mind in the same manner as walking, running or swimming is a simple training for the body, with all the benefits you can have from these activities. You can practice meditation at the level you want, from simple relaxation exercises, to the deep connection with your core-self, to the spiritual path if you like. Always keep in mind that you can practice meditation on your own, up to the stage you want and this does not require you to join any religions or groups. Once understood the basics of meditation, you may find easier to develop the practice attending classes in a meditation or yoga centre of your town if your preference is for group activities. If you are already familiar with meditation, you can find, in this extract, a clear and powerful analytical view of the basic Zen practice, where the basic mind activity during meditation is explained and exercised through the concept of development of the active focus of attention. This will also be the foundation for the discovery of the mind described in the first part of my book. Enjoy! 

Click here to read the extract on meditation of “Brilliant well-being: 7 steps to becoming confident, successful and happy” (pdf). 


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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