The golden life plan


The first thought in the morning of a hectic life is about the list of things to do. This is a projection of us in the next future, which can last all day, along a predefined path.

Let’s change completely the perspective. What if you did not remember anything at all of what you usually do when you wake up in the morning? The first thought should be “what a joy to be alive, let’s see the beautiful things I can find”. Then you may focus on the pleasure of having your breakfast as the food was new for you. You can hug your beloved ones feeling the love you have for them and focusing on the positive emotions they show, like it was the first time you meet them after months. You can look at the things with the approach of a beginner, feeling the contentment of noticing new details. You can feel the energy given by the possibility of moving your body, walking and touching the objects around you. You can be amazed by the complexity of the nature in front of you, observing and discovering it with curiosity. You can make this attitude to last all day.

In the modern world, we all have commitments and it is important to have a plan in mind if we want to accomplish something. But the question is: what if this persistent thought of planning and executing overwhelms our mind during any instants of the day?

It is always the first time and the last time you live any instants of your life and, what happens if you always spend this instant accomplishing a task automatically, while thinking what to do next? You are not living anymore in the present, as you are focused only on your potential future.

The Centered Life Model wants to balance the time spent doing abstract and logical analysis, while planning every aspects of the present and future (i.e. about what we should accomplish, what we should have and who we should be), with the time spent living (i.e. experiencing, developing and expressing ourselves).

This is achieved having in mind a golden plan that contains both what to achieve and what to “live”’. Only robots are programmed only to accomplish something. In the contexts where humans need to have a plan in mind, this should contain both the objective of achieving something and of nurturing our “being”. Therefore, our daily and life plans should contain also the countermeasures that prevent us to become robots: they should allow us to focus on our inner-self and on our relationship with reality and people. This is the golden plan, to take ownership of any instants of our life.

The book Brilliant well-being explains how to define and to make happen a plan that takes into account our needs as living beings, using a 360 degree perspective. It gives the tools to balance the pressure of the modern world, with our basic needs as human beings, so to achieve real success and happiness.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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2 thoughts on “The golden life plan

  1. Di Atherton says:

    Love this – going to try it! Dislike “to-do” lists anyway! This eternal drive to get things done, succeed at all costs with no thought to balance life. Be instead of do!

  2. Josh says:

    Love your blog! We dont seem to care anymore about the real meaning of be alive and enjoy at its fullest everyday, I really dig into this blog, please dont stop.

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