Taking action toward the best-self


We are often scared by the outcome of our decisions. This is fully understandable in case our actions may lead to consequences related to survival; however, in the context of modern societies, the effect of decisions is, in almost all cases, to get or miss something we want, or to lose minor things we already own; so, do we have good reasons to be so scared?

Let’s take “self-expression” for example. It is common to be concerned that what we communicate may lead to disapproval by the people around us, so we may avoid expressing our opinions and our emotions. This happens so often during normal discussions with friends, within family or at work.

We need to be realistic. To be able to fine tune self-expression in relation to the context is a demonstration of maturity. However, the problem stands in the balance between nurturing our being or repressing it to achieve other results. A good question arises in this case: “What do I get when I do not express myself?”

One of the main principle of the Centered Life Model is the following: “Understand your true nature, nurture your being and become your best-self!

However, for realism, this principle is extended as follows: “If, on the other side, you need to repress your being, at least do it for a good reason!” In this context, a reason is good when it relates to pure survival or when it is linked to your core values; a reason is not good when it is instilled or imposed by the environment you live in, and it leads to outcomes that work against your sense of purpose and well-being. For example, think about how many times you do and repeat robotically actions in line with the opinion of the people around you, feeling empty inside, without even thinking that you may have better options available.

Any choices you make, or that you avoid making, lead you toward new steps in your life journey. In principle, if you decide in line with your core-self, you then can proceed with peace of mind whatever positive or negative thing happens. Indeed, with this approach, your attitude toward life becomes the following: “It does not matter that I am doing it right, it does not matter that I am doing it wrong. It matters that I am doing it! for me or for the people I love!”. This is self-expression, this is the path toward the best-self.


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2 thoughts on “Taking action toward the best-self

  1. Zher says:

    I love this article, i’ve been doing a campaign ” be the best version of yourself” and this indeed is a good read.

  2. Ruth says:

    Being fully present is a powerful way to take action toward Being Our Best Self every moment. This is partly because… being fully present can be one of the more difficult “ways of being” for some of us to understand and attain.

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