The trap of revenge


Sometimes in life it is possible to meet people who make us feel really bad. The circumstances of life may put us in situations where we become prey of other human beings. Some of us may become persistently cheated or exploited.

The main actors of this kind of situations, let’s call them “predators”, become the owners of our present life and influence our future, because instill in us the idea that reality must be necessarily like the one they impose. So the pain can be incredible, so much that it cannot even be explained or thought, it can only be felt.

When we escape from those situations, we may think that, because we were victims, we need a compensation for what happened to us; so we may feel that we have the licence to inflict the same pain to others, because “this is life! No-one has ever given me anything! I have always bitten the dust because of others, now I will take my revenge against all!

This attitude of revenge is natural and understandable; however, as it is based only on the basic animal instincts of attack and defense, it leads us to confirm always the same bad reality we wanted to escape.

Indeed, in this case, to repeat those same behaviors persistently and to think that the best revenge against life is to change the role from prey to predator, will never allow escaping the emotions, sensations and thoughts generated by those bad situations.

If we don’t like a movie at the cinema, we have to go away; moving to the seat next to ours unfortunately is not enough, if we want to watch a better show.

Here comes the benefit of understanding pain through meditation; the active acceptance of suffering allows managing the animal instinct of persistently attacking even when this is not needed anymore. Meditation allows getting free from the bad reality imposed by someone else and working to make reality as we would like it to be: in line with our true nature; this is real freedom; this is one of the objective of the first step of the Centered Life Model.


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3 thoughts on “The trap of revenge

  1. I really loved this one. I have felt like a victim many times in my life and bottled it all in until one day I exploded. The people that hurt me are long gone, but the pain is still there some times. I try to rise above the situation and find the best out of it. What did I learn? How has this made me a better person??? How can I prevent this from happening again and from happening to other people?? I have found peace, but at time I find myself quick to anger yet every day I improve.

  2. billyboy says:

    Love this! I too have spent time throughout my life, wondering why people treat me a certain way, why I always seem to get the crap throw at me. I’ve watched others that are in better positions get things from family and I’ve felt bad. I also still have my moments where I get angry about it, but mostly I’ve learnt that feeling that way only makes me not like myself. If I rise above it and manage on my own I love me, I love that I am capable and independent but also open to depending on others when I need to.

  3. mamasheri says:

    Sometimes we don’t want revenge. We want to warn others, our friends and even strangers but we feel trapped into staying silent. We don’t want to make it worse so we say nothing. And yes, the blood boils and they still have a teeny tiny bit of power over you. As the Eagles song says…..get over it. ;))))

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