From knowledge, to meditation, toward mindfulness


When we learn something, our understanding of reality evolves.

What we imagine and think is affected by what we have learnt; indeed, when we discover something new, our mind creates more and more “cards”, showing images and concepts we can play with, in order to understand reality.

So, a part of the learning process can be viewed as creating new cards within our mind and finding the links with the ones we know already.

You can imagine how many cards we have in our pocket! However, one of the limits of this game of the mind is that the only thing we can achieve is to produce more cards and to find more links amongst them: a great result, but is this enough?

In order to go beyond this card game we have to break the rules of knowledge! Meditation leads you beyond this game.

With meditation, you stop playing only cards and extend your game. You realise that thinking only through concepts and images limits your view. So, you learn to widen your perception involving emotions, sensations and sounds. Then, you enter a dimension of thought that moves from “thinking” to “experiencing”; and that leads you from “playing with cards” to  “understanding the whole”.

The following are some of the main outcomes of meditation:

  • you become mindful, because your mind becomes fully involved by the object of experience, here and now, beyond any card games;
  • you start perceiving so many little different details of reality that you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of life
  • using all your senses, you will start experiencing the wholeness of reality, and not only fragments of it.

Well, this cannot be explained more, the rest can only be experienced.


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6 thoughts on “From knowledge, to meditation, toward mindfulness

  1. Meditation is something I am beginning to introduce my children to during their homeschool day. I would like them to open upa ggreater awareness of themselves.

  2. Beautiful connections and pretty well put together… knowledge, concepts, mind and spirit. All working together to process and transform our existance. Oneness and insight… Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Catherine Kendal says:

    Really great concept of explaining meditation!! I love reading your thoughts about this. For me I find my mind often wanders even whilst reading, and so I had a thought! Maybe you could introduce an accompanying video clip that practices your concepts somehow?! Snippets of meditation exercises that you think will help with mindfulness in meditation? Great job and really inspiring!

  4. drlarryhiner says:

    IMHO, Knowledge is an accumulation of actionable information. Meditation is a means to achieve a state of consciousness that is focused, reflective, and detached. Knowledge may then be “accessed” during this state to help one develop an intended way of acting, or simply to reflect on the information that has been acquired, allowing new patterns and potential outcomes to emerge. Is that where you’re headed with this thought?

  5. Meditation helps us to reach deeper levels of ourselves and the divine.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We become that to which we give thought.

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