Focus on what really matters


One of the most important principles in life is to “focus on what really matters”.

The Centered Life Model translates the meaning of this principle as follows:

  • focus: develop the capability of concentrating and persisting on your objectives through relaxation exercised and meditation
  • on what: be curious toward life and open, so to explore and learn new things
  • really matters: understand who you are and your values, then align your life to them

Think about all activities you carry out that are not needed for your survival and do not support your personal growth. Think about the time you waste doing things that do not  develop and nurture your relationship with the people you love.

“What really matters” is what belongs to your values and allows you to build something meaningful for you; so, tomorrow, you can turn and look at your past and say “all I have done had a meaning” instead of finding nothing behind you.

But we need to be realistic: if the mind has been fully involved in worthless activities for a while, the awareness of the important things in life may not be enough to change direction. This is the reason why relaxation exercises and meditation are recommended; because, in this case, it is important to stop and develop the capability to refocus and take action.

The Centered Life Model does not tell what values you should have or who you should be. It is up to you to discover them, but clearly states “please focus on what really matters”.


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5 thoughts on “Focus on what really matters

  1. Anonymous says:

    i agree that we all indulge in things that dont necessarily benefit us nor others in the way we intended, however we still learn from those experiences. Is it really fair to say one should be able to look back and say “all i have done had meaning”..what if all that you did that day didnt have true meaning to you? (for we all walk with uncertainty at times) would you then feel guilt or disappointment that you did not live that day to the fullest, felt like you had given back what you should have,gained what was intended through that experience(called life), or will you accept what you have done and hold vastly to the positive that was prevalent to you and others that surround you.

    • dgianesini says:

      Many thanks for your comment.
      When I said ” so, tomorrow, you can turn and look at your past and say “all I have done had a meaning” instead of finding nothing behind you.” I did not refer only to the day after, but I meant the future in a wide sense. Indeed, it is with the perspective of a whole lifetime that this statement has the most important meaning. It is almost impossible to have always days dedicated to something positive and meaningful for us, this is life; however, only if we keep the focus on what really matters (learning also from the time we have wasted and from our mistakes), will we be able to say that we have not wasted our life.

  2. laurie says:

    This is a very beautifull site,relaxing,giving,centred,awesome work well done

  3. ingrid says:

    it is important that people realize … who are they? since they came into this world? they came to learn from the good and the not so good happens to us, the idea is to learn to keep aligned, even-handed and calm before any important event in our lives, that will allow us not to lose the north, purpose, retain the focus, we must exercise over and over again, to learn to be deposited in the subconscious learning whatever, by we must educate, mind, body, spirit, emotions, we must learn to relax, meditate every day until they repeat so much ,they do it in automatic and this will help us in our lives,solve,dissolve solutions focused on the problem,we must study and study and not stop, the perspective of people can change if knowledge obtained through learning,so their level of consciousness expand and improve their lives.

  4. Susan says:

    One of the best ways to focus on what matters is by making a gratitude list every morning upon awakening. Grab your coffee and a notebook. Do this daily and watch how your list will grow. By being grateful we attract a flow of positive energy into our lives. The opposite is true as well…dwelling on the negative only attracts more negativity into our lives. Your gratitude list enables you to focus on what matters. Start your list with being grateful for waking up this morning, and go from there! You will be surprised at how blessed you really are. Namaste

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