Being a different person tomorrow


Every day we have the opportunity to learn something new.

If we learn something good or something bad about life today, it will be natural for us to take this new thing into account in our decisions tomorrow. This does not necessarily mean we will choose differently than before; it simply means that our decision process is always affected by what we have learned; this is the reason why, every day, we are different persons than the day before.

Even when someone is completely involved in repetitive bad habits, up to the point of repeating like a robot exactly the same worthless or detrimental activities with the same thoughts every day, tomorrow he/she will wake up as a different person, because his/her potential for improvement will be affected negatively by this behavior.

This happens because a mind jailed in repetitive thoughts and in frozen beliefs gradually loses its flexibility. But we do not have to study rocket science to have a fit mind: it is sufficient to keep an attitude of curiosity toward life. We all have such a giant potential within us!

And we need to be realistic: nothing is permanent. This morning everyone of us woke up as a different person, or because we learned something new yesterday, or because we learned nothing following some bad habits; so, in the second case, as explained, our potential for improvement has been impacted.

If someone watches TV for ten hours each day, he/she will become the best remote-control handler in the world; he/she will become the world master of finding  the best comfortable position on the sofa; he/she will become the world expert of TV programs; but what happens if, after twenty years of this life, he/she is requested to go out from home and manage the challenges of everyday life?

In this continuous transformation of the “being”, the Centered Life Model aims to support everyone to wake up always as a better person the day after. This is the reason why improvement is a core value for the method: along the 7 steps to becoming confident, successful and happy.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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4 thoughts on “Being a different person tomorrow

  1. Great stuff! I look forward to great discussions!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy reading these post so full of insights.

  3. gaiatolson says:

    I truly believe change is constant even physical or mental but it takes true self realization for one to change.One must get tired of repeating the same habits especially if it’s causing them pain.

  4. ingrid says:

    Hello, I hope you understand me because I do not speak much English, that you pose is very interesting, because life is made to learn every day, we can not live being rigid, we need to be flexible in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life, once learn to lead a prosperous life, health, money and love. There are some lessons that come given for it, repeat and repeat until it is recorded and increasingly drive your life… however we are beings of good and always very bad that we want our right to ourselves, if that is not so, then there is a problem. Starting from our society based on family patterns and beliefs, repetitive, from generation to generation, we have the freedom to decide when and how, break paradigms and release those ancestral ties and BE YOURSELF, original, creative and talented, with good foundations for move on, reinvent and flow, forgive and love, living life from the heart with love, dare to break with the old and embrace the new.

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