The flow of life


Entertainment has transformed happiness and excitement in pills; for example, you can buy a ticket and watch a Hollywood movie at the cinema, so you can get two hours of happiness and/or excitement, with no effort.

But these emotions do not last long and they are driven by something external; indeed, they do not come “autonomously” from your inner self, as your attitude is fully passive when watching a movie; therefore, as soon as the “external pull” goes away, these emotions fade.

There should be millions of movies with positive messages, this would really help, but we should not rely only on them to change our life in better.

We need to be realistic, if you do not do anything, you do not get anything: this is life. If you use only this kind of pills for motivation and happiness, this means you rely on something external to you, and your achievements will fade as soon as the pills have finished. If you work on your inner-self, the results will follow you, wherever you go.

There are two core questions: why nowadays, in the modern societies, we always need entertainment to feel positive emotions? And why it is so difficult to find the time to carry out simple relaxation exercises and meditation, even if the benefits of carrying them out are so clear (peace of mind, relaxation, compassion, clarity of mind, etc.)?

This happens because we are overwhelmed by the flow of life. This flow is generated by the human basic instincts that, very often, when translated into the social organizations, go out of control and work altogether influencing our true values and crushing our identity (this is so difficult to explain in few words! almost fifty pages of my book are dedicated to clarify this concept with examples from everyday life of people). The realization of being part of this flow, that apparently no one can stop, would be already a revolution in people’s perception of reality.

The first step, in order to take full ownership of our own life, is to try to get out from this flow, so to observe it, understand it and, in the end, manage it.

This can be achieved carrying out relaxation exercises and experiencing meditation. But this does not mean that, to succeed, you have to become the world champion of meditation!

Indeed, one of the objectives of the Centered Life Model is to make this path as simple as possible: through seven simple steps. Once you have started with the first step (understand and train your mind), you can already go for the second (discover who you are) and move on, with the awareness that relaxation exercises and meditation will allow you to see better and better this path toward your best-self, giving you the motivation you need to succeed.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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6 thoughts on “The flow of life

  1. Nicely put together and very clear model

  2. Very good article. We live in a world where most of society chooses entertainment over education. Entertainment is generally adopted as the easy option for providing a short-term distraction from life’s stresses and challenges. It offers short-term comfort, but no real solution.

  3. hmanzi says:

    I read some of your blog and love your philosophy. I believe staying in touch with our inner being is so important yet so foreign in today’s society. I appreciate your encouragement. I look forward to reading more.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. william says:

    Nice article,I am chuffed,our society put entertainment foward before important can’t ignore the real world by taking a happy pill,you are right ,after the all sort of enterteinment it will fade then you face the reality.

  5. Zher says:

    I am a firm believer that at the end of the day, no matter what kind of entertainment the society has laid upon you, it is you, your inner self, that has the prowess to contol life. It is pertinent that we reflect or meditate, ask ourselves, “is this what truly makes us happy?”

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