Running mind and inner self


The Centered Life Model aims to explain how the mind works from many different perspectives, in order for everyone to find the own path to improve life.

It is important to know that the discovery of the inner self does not concern only psychology, in the same manner as the discovery of your body, for you, is not an anatomy study!

After years living with your body, I am sure you know everything about it: your height, your weight, your strength, your endurance; and the shape of your muscles, of your hands, of your feet and of your face.

But can you say the same of your mind? The mind always runs! To make a comparison, would you be able to know the details of your body if you run all life long, never stopping? Always running and running?

You can imagine what happened if, after spending your life always running since you were born, you suddenly found a moment to stop in a place and look at yourself in the mirror. What would you see? No more moving objects all around, no more a running figure. All has stopped, you can see the details of your body, you can see the details of what is around you.

This is the reason why it is so important to save time and energy to carry out relaxation exercises and meditation. Because it is the only manner to stop your mind from running and to look at your inner self from a completely different perspective: this would mean a revolution of your perception of reality. There is no psychology to study, but all to experience.

However, we need to be realistic, do not expect to find happiness there: you find simply yourself. But what a discovery!!! Indeed, the objective of the Centered Life Model is to let you to take ownership of your life, in order for you to decide when to run and when to stop, and where to run and where to stop. To find the best place for you.

So it is the life-transforming book “Brilliant well-being“, it explains how to experience your mind and it gives plenty of examples from everyday life of people, for the discovery of the inner self and to decide where to go: along the path of confidence, success and happiness.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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2 thoughts on “Running mind and inner self

  1. Awesome work 🙂 Good luck! I’ve been through tough phases myself and wished someone would support… you’re doing the support work and it’s great 🙂 Cheers

  2. Naomi says:

    What is being said is very true! It is important we take time to mediate and see our inner self to enhance our understanding of life and events that affect us! If we surround ourself with negative energies we will indeed draw it to us and therefore be stuck in a cycle of negative events! This information may be simple but it is true and worth reading and taking on board.

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