Love and happiness in the flow of life


It is very important to focus on love and happiness; this is what many blogs and movements do, and there should be many more! in order for all of us to see this message everywhere, instead of being overwhelmed by advertisements for us to buy any kind of stuff.

However, the Centered Life Model is slightly different, because as much as love and happiness are promoted, there must be a place that supports people when reality gives a “kick in the face”. Indeed, love and happiness must be protected from the disappointment that comes when our dreams or expectations do not become true.

The Centered Mind Model focuses on three main attitudes of the human being: soothing and relaxation; the motivation to move forward; attack and defense against threats of life. The understanding of these three attitudes can be one of the simplest tools for you to discover who you are, and to improve your life; in summary:

  • Relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Attack and defense

To give a simple example, when you are fully involved in love and happiness, your motivation is really high, because you enjoy the present moment and how life can be wonderful. But as soon as something happens that spoils that situation, you feel under threat, because you are not ready for that negative reality. This may lead you to react with annoyance and fighting (attack and defense) in order to try to get back to a positive situation. But if you fight, emotions like anger and hatred arise, and this makes the circumstances worse; moreover, it may happen that the situation does not get better at all, as life is unfair sometimes. This is the moment when love and happiness are really challenged, because disappointment and anger take the lead.

So the Centered Life Model focuses on the development of the attitudes of soothing your mind and active acceptance (the meaning of the word “relaxation” is redefined to express these two attitudes). This because, if you become able to achieve relaxation when you are challenged by life, and you are able not to fall in the trap of anger, you will be able to take the opportunity of feeling love and happiness again, as soon as life becomes generous with you again. This does not mean you will never feel angry, it means you do not let anger become the dominating emotion in your life.

I know that this description may look complex, so I have explained these concepts extensively in my book “Brilliant well-being”, with many examples from everyday life of people.

Meditation is the best tool to develop the attitude of relaxation, in order for you to understand love and happiness, and to protect them.


Many thanks in advance for your comments!



Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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6 thoughts on “Love and happiness in the flow of life

  1. Jaclyn Hunt says:

    At times I fight the act of relaxing, when I’ve had a very productive day I always feel like the moment I sit down is time wasted and that I could be doing even more. Meditation helps me with that greatly, to just take the time to appreciate the moment instead of filling it up with nonsense.

  2. mariella says:

    sounds like Buddhism Lite!

    • dgianesini says:

      Hi Mariella,
      many thanks for this funny comment!
      Both western and eastern philosophies merge into the Centered Life Model, but no religion is involved.

  3. john ryan says:

    A few years ago i was getting counselling
    for ptsd. Counselling did’nt help, if anything it made me feel worse. The only thing that helped was meditating. I’ve been meditating about six months and i feel like a new man. Everyone who knows me has noticed the change in me. Everyone should meditate 🙂

  4. Mohammed says:

    But sometimes. I feel like I have no control over my feelings. So I can’t stop worrying and start meditating.

    • dgianesini says:

      Hi Mohammed,
      this storm of emotions and thoughts is exactly the barrier that everyone finds when starting a meditation session. The general suggestion is to keep a compassionate attitude toward yourself, thinking that your difficulties are shared by everyone in this world when starting meditation and, with this understanding of the problem, persisting with the practice as much as you can.
      I hope this helps

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