Centered-self versus self-centered


Our being is like a glass to be filled. There is no universal rule that states what size this glass must be. But there is something sure, if you make the glass small, it will be always full. If you make this glass big, you will spend all your life striving to fill it. Big is not always better.

In the Centered Life Model, these two different approaches to life are represented by the dualism best-self versus ego.

When you do relaxation exercises and meditation, you are already training your mind to need less, because you are using your time to relax and there is nothing you need in that moment other than a calm place where to soothe your mind. But there is something more, as soon as your mind learns to enjoy the silence and to perceive your littlest emotions and the smallest details of reality, you will realize that these things are sufficient to feed your being.

This is represented by the dualism needing less versus needing more.

So, when you train your mind to need less, you realize that the simple reality around us is so wide and beautiful, and it can fulfill you so much, that you will find natural to give something positive to the people around you, enjoying the act of giving.

This is represented by the dualism giving versus taking.

The Centered Life Model has the objective to show all possible options for you to choose the best life, and it gives the tools you need to make it, whatever is your choice. And it clearly points out the risk of becoming self-centered, a situation where you forget the overall world other than you, becoming isolated; instead of developing and improving toward the centered-self, with all the happiness that this path brings.

This is summarised in two opposite life paths, one versus the other:

centered-self VS self-centered

best-self VS ego

needing less VS needing more

giving VS taking

The book Brilliant well-being explains the origin, meaning and consequences of these two opposite life paths. Enjoy!


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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4 thoughts on “Centered-self versus self-centered

  1. Great articles! Thank you!

  2. Your comments are highly valued. We all must take a personal inventory of our lives & be honest about what type of person we are & about what type of person we will evolve into.

  3. Nanny Cool says:

    I feel that we must be compassionate to ourselves and forgive ourselves. Only we know and understand our feelings so for example, if we feel scared about something it is ok to feel scared. Other people don’t know the reasons why so their words mean nothing.

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