The life journey as an organized tour: preserve your identity!


Many of us choose to go on holiday with an organized tour, to feel safe and to be sure of the best service. This kind of holiday makes life extremely easy. You do not have to organize anything, you are told when to wake up, what to visit, where to eat, what to buy and where to go. Even when you have a free afternoon, you are suggested to go only to specific places in order to get the best from your visit. During your holiday, you may complain for the lack of freedom, but you are sure that you will not have any bad surprises and you will come back home happy.

In order to make people always happy, this kind of tours has been developed to the extreme. It may happen that you go to the other side of the globe and you eat food similar to what you are used to eat at home, you go to places that you have already seen in photos one thousand times on the internet, and the local people you meet are used to tourists, so you can approach them as you were at home, forgetting the cultural differences.

There is nothing wrong with this in principle, because this kind of tours is enjoyable and sometimes we don’t have either the time, or the energy, to organize an alternative holiday or to overcome potential disruptions that may happen. However, it is clear that, in those circumstances, you miss a big part of the discovery of new things (food, local culture, beautiful hidden places, etc.) and you lose the freedom of choosing another path if you wish.

The approach to “the life journey” of some of us is to choose one of this kind of organized tours. In order to feel safe, we follow a path that is already defined and we never change. When this happens, it is not our fault, it is neither good, nor bad. Some of us had such painful surprises at the beginning of life that to feel safe is an absolute priority. Some of us had parents who pushed us along one predefined and well known path because they wanted us to be always safe and/or successful. Some of us were so integrated in the own social organization that it was not possible to see alternatives. Others simply choose that path because it is the simplest and easiest. Others have no choice at all.

To choose a safe path at the beginning of our life is clearly a good choice, but the consequence of living on a predefined path forever is that, when it is the time of doing or thinking something different, we may feel absolutely scared. This situation of following a predefined life path leads to similar consequences as to choose an “organized life tour”: you may miss the discovery of the self and so of your true identity. You may miss the opportunity to learn from the differences. You may miss the chance to find ways to express the deepest part of yourself.

We need to be realistic; it is not easy at all to follow a new path; indeed, every time we choose to do something different, we may have everyone against us. For good reasons, because the people who care of us are worried of the risks; or for bad reasons, because the people who do not care of us are worried that their predefined path may be challenged by our choices.

The Centered Life Model is an open method. This means that it is not up to the method to decide where you should go. The method gives you the tools to get out from predefined paths, to allow you to see alternatives and to give you the strength to choose the path that is the expression of your core self and of your potential. So you will have the opportunity to change your life or, maybe, in the end, you will discover that your initial choice was the best one for you; however, in both cases, you will have the full awareness that the choice is yours and only yours, and so expression of your identity. When this happens, your energy and focus toward your life objectives increase so much, that success and happiness will be a natural consequence of your life-style.  


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2 thoughts on “The life journey as an organized tour: preserve your identity!

  1. Lorna says:

    I have a number of friends and colleagues who think of themselves as independent however looking at their lifestyle choices they are being councelled and lead into making decisions by others. The media for instance leads you to believe if you don’t live a certain way then you are in the wrong or you are nor going to get the?…shall we say…”good stuff” in life. (…) Maybe we need to relax and unwind a little n get blown with the breeze in all aspects of life in order to experience the universal wonders and delights it really has on offer x

  2. Elisabeth Jeffery says:

    My preference now, is for the road less travelled.

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