Who can find the best way for you, other than you?


Very rarely we express the emotion of fear, as it was forbidden. But every time we are making a choice, the fear of failing is always there.

We know that the biggest failure is to pay the price of our wrong choices, so we may decide not to choose. But if we freeze our decisions, someone else will choose for us.

Nothing will cancel our fear, this emotion is part of us!

Why people often choose against their values? Because we need to be realistic: our instincts lead us to preserve our belongings and life-style as first. But when we choose against our values and against our core self, we lose our identity, so it is not us anymore living this life, and so we lose our happiness.

If you have the courage of choosing in line with your values, you may pay the price of choices that are not fruitful. You will be an hero losing one battle against life, but you will win the war in the long term, because you will give your life a meaning: your meaning!

All of us every day have the same dilemma: “do I choose in line with my values taking risks, or do I go for the easiest choice compromising my values?”

You, and only you, can find the best answer, and it is the main objective of the Centered Life Model to give you the tools you need to find this answer; because you are the only one who should find the best way for you.

You can find a comprehensive list of values here


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2 thoughts on “Who can find the best way for you, other than you?

  1. I´ve tried the wrong choices myself and I´ve learned to choose like suggested here.and then I found happiness in being. All in all: this topic and knowledge is sooooo important and the article spot on

  2. Actually this is an essential topic; we don’t have to rely on others in order to decide the best way for us because we will live only once, and we should appreciate every single thing in life by choosing & deciding according to our abilities & skills. We can consult others, but we shouldn’t depend on them to decide. The fear of failure or making mistakes because of the previous bad experience will not change the life into the best! So we have to be strong & confident to start again to realize our beautiful dreams 🙂 Really loves reading your articles; they are thoughtful. Thank you Mr. Dimi _ Mariam , UAE.

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