To stop and think is not enough: we are much more than our thoughts


Most of us live an hectic life. We need to speak to our grandparents and ask them to describe their lifestyle when they were young to realize how much life nowadays is incredibly faster. The rhythm of life of many of us goes as fast as driving in the highway at the maximum car speed, then we find sudden obstacles and we feel stressed because we realize the car may go out of control…

The typical “remedy” to this situation is to stop and think for few hours.

But there is a problem here: to stop and think for few hours is like to try to slow down releasing the gas pedal for few seconds: do you think that something changes if someone is driving at the maximum speed? We need to realize that part of our usual thoughts are fully embedded in this hectic system and so they are misleading, indeed they are expression of our frenetic habits; moreover, we are much more than our thoughts.

All of us work hard and with determination; so, with the same attitude, we should realize that to regain full control of our life we need a real stop: we need the time to reconnect to our senses, to become aware of the positive emotions we can feel when the predominant stress (made up of fear, annoyance and dissatisfaction) fades. We need the time to connect to our core self, to check that our current  life objectives fit with it. We need the time to challenge our life-style.

Here one of the principles of the Centered Life Model comes: discover who you are through meditation and other tools, confirm your objectives in life, decide the actions that fit better with your true nature, then make them happen. If you think you do not have time for this, you may start thinking about how much time you waste simply to sustain an hectic life.

As soon as the next action you take is validated by your senses and your core self, you will gain an enormous quantity of energy, and you will move forward and you will be successful; because this time you will have the full awareness of moving toward the right direction.


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4 thoughts on “To stop and think is not enough: we are much more than our thoughts

  1. Kim says:

    Beautifully written! Spot on! I look forward to more!

  2. jagramonte says:

    So true on the thought of “how much time you waste simply to sustain an hectic life.”

  3. Mohammed Alotaibi says:

    True and I have been through this. It’s like going out from your body and observing your self in life from a distance. But I think that to do this you need a place where nothing can disturb you like when you are in the airplane or waiting for your flight or relaxing on the beach.

  4. […] The interesting bit is that a social model based only on productivity tends to overwhelm life of people; indeed, at the beginning it significantly improves life conditions, but then it gets such a momentum that no one is able to control it, and it self-perpetuates through the fake promise of persistent happiness through richness, power and pleasure (a phenomenon that it is well described with the “flow of life”). Well, as said, at the beginning all is great, everything improves for you in ways you would have never imagined: this is life, enjoy the ride! But would you buy a car that has only the gas pedal and no brake pedal? If you like to speed up, I would reccomend to learn how to slow down. […]

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