Stages of meditation


The word “meditation” can sound exotic, as the image we have of it can be driven by the representation made by advertisements or by some Hollywood films; like in the case of the image of a guru sitting for hours under a waterfall.

Meditation can be explained with few words; but please keep in mind that the real discovery starts when you begin practicing. As for anything in life, there are different stages you can achieve. One of the main rules is that, if you fall in the trap of competition with others or with yourself to achieve an higher stage, you will get lost. Indeed, competition triggers emotions like anger, annoyance or hatred which will make impossible to soothe your mind and progress.

Meditation concerns only your inner-self: at whichever stage you are, you win the gold medal at any steps forward you make.

The following is a basic summary of the stages. The Centered Life Model, being an open model, leaves to everyone the freedom to choose his/her path; therefore, it is not requested to reach a high stage. It is recommended to experience as many stages as possible, but  you can stop when you feel that the stage you have achieved makes clear to you the vision of your life.

The following are the stages of meditation (inner view – from beginner level to full mastering):

  1. Achieving relaxation (with simple exercises, like silently sitting in a calm place and focusing on your breath)
  2. Understanding of the storm of sensations, emotions and thoughts
  3. Soothing your sensations, emotions and thoughts up to let your mind “listen silently”
  4. Connecting to your inner self
  5. Understanding of the representation and dynamics of the inner reality
  6. Sorting out your representation of the inner reality
  7. Understanding of your inner self and of your representation of the outer reality
  8. Deep connection with your inner self
  9. Inner vision and understanding of the meaning of life
  10. Deep feeling of connection with reality as a whole OR mystical experience

At the last stages, questions related to spirituality may arise: everyone will find his/her personal answers.

The benefits of the meditation practice are fully supported by scientific evidence (See work done by the Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry); the real challenge is to be persistent enough to complete the exercises and so to experience those benefits. Moreover, it must be clear that meditation and religion are two separate things. In general, the technique and the posture of the body vary depending on the cultural traditions (for example, it is not mandatory to cross the legs, you can choose much more comfortable positions).

Meditation, being part of the first step of the Centered Life Model, will be covered again in further posts. A section of the book Brilliant well-being is dedicated to explain the deepest aspects of meditation (philosophy, psychology and practice) and it is written as an user manual for whoever wants to start meditating.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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3 thoughts on “Stages of meditation

  1. Gail says:

    We should all practice some kind of relaxation – maybe the world would be more at peace if we did. Love your posts!

  2. Doris says:

    1st,sitting meditation -posture Must be correct to achieve result.
    Breathing totally at ease and natural.
    2nd. Walking meditation suitable for all ages, safe and easy.

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