The promise of happiness


The promises of happiness are like soap bubbles flying in the sky. It is very easy to blow them, many bubbles quickly appear and they are beautiful. One of the biggest bubble is the promise of happiness with no effort!

Well, in the Centered Life Model there is work to do!

If you can abandon your current life and retreat at the top of a mountain and meditate all the time, well, happiness is there for you. But the objective of the Centered Life Model is to take care of real people who, every morning, have to wake up and manage the challenges of everyday life.

The initial effort is for you to train your mind in order to understand who you are and to know precisely how your mind reacts to reality: meditation is the main tool to achieve this objective. To start is easy: on the internet there are tens of relaxation exercises you can carry out and excellent books dedicated to this. Once you have learned how to soothe you mind you can experience the first step of the method Centered Life Model: “Understand and train your mind” and then move on with the next steps.

Meditation opens views you would have never imagined and allows you to watch one of the most interesting adventure of your life: the discovery of your inner self.

With a mind that is trained to relax on its own, you will realize that to feel under pressure to be happy is one of the core source of dissatisfaction. Gradually, you will be able to fully realize what happiness means and, with this new understanding, you will be able to make it real.


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2 thoughts on “The promise of happiness

  1. Alexia says:

    I really like your blog. It’s short and sweet and to the point. It’s easy to digest and I appreciate that in our fast paced daily lives. Thanks for the good nuggets of information. -Alexia

  2. I find that living life in peace and harmony in community and in alignment with my values has been achieved with the help of seasoned leaders – whether they be philosophers and poets or business and community members,
    If I listen to my heart and my gut, I gravitate toward those people who are like minded. Trusting myself to be led in this way has proved invaluable

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