All tiny achievements of success


A success is made up of many tiny achievements, one after the other.

If you do not fully reach your goal in the end (how many of us are so lucky to be always successful on everything we do?), you will still keep the joy of all these little tiny steps forward you have made. In the worst case, yes, there will be the pain of the final defeat: but does it really matter? The positive emotions of the new tiny achievements you are ready to make, now and in the future, are still there for you! Simply enjoy them with no fear.

With meditation you can mitigate the negative thoughts due difficulties and setbacks; you can learn to appreciate what you do; so, if you look at the big picture, the success will be that you have enjoyed your journey!

Learning to appreciate all your tiny achievements will give you enormous energy to persist on your current goals.

The awareness that what really matters is your journey, leads to the absence of fear and limiting beliefs, therefore it opens the path toward real success and happiness.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

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One thought on “All tiny achievements of success

  1. joy langley says:

    Learning to appreciate the “good” in life is so important to building strong emotional health. Many thought leaders speak of learning to be grateful, sometimes even when life’s lessons are difficult (this can be hard). BUT an “attitude of GRATITUDE” is a goal worth striving for on a moment to moment basis

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