Nowadays we live so much in automatic mode that we usually look at what happens within us for few seconds at once and then we concentrate on the next task. It is like watching a video on a smart-phone while driving a car! It becomes very difficult to understand the meaning and to enjoy it.

Meditation is like to watch your inner world at the cinema having all the places booked for you: you can soothe your mind and concentrate fully on what happens within your inner self.

In this case, many of us can have surprises. Maybe the movie we see is not what we expected; it might be full of advertising and strange things. Maybe, at the beginning, we can find difficult even to watch it. However, with practice, everything becomes easier and clearer: you will be able to see the storm of emotions and thoughts (and much more…) and learn how to soothe them.

The meditation practice starts with simple relaxation exercises. A meditation session can last three minutes. It is not important how much it lasts, but the level of concentration you are able to achieve.

Meditation is important because it is one of the most powerful tools to understand and train your mind, so to start the path of the Centered Life Model.


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4 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. mormozine says:

    Meditation is the greatest tool mankind has. I have heard that prayer is asking for God’s help and meditation is listening for answers. Personally water has always helped me meditate. I meditate in the bath or next to a river where I can listen to the running water.

  2. Meditation each day is real recovery and some kind of back up..While you are training to focus you’r mind on you’r inner world, by leaving all outside world behind is like revelation..For me it is kind, sort of mind cleaning from all bad experience , all dirty from everything ..Meditation is best way for calm life, fine future relations..Well I am training yoga since my 15..While I am tired or just need time to decide something before that I am close my eyes and …However each day early on morning it is only my 15 minutes..

  3. This topic is spot on. The fact that ppl are constantly “busy” focusing on the outside world has become an increasing problem and education in “mindfulness” has now become a new trend in my country

  4. Aleeta Ballard says:

    I would love to learn how to meditate. It would sure help calm my busy mind. I love the article above, I can relate to it a lot.

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