Advertising and our reality

children watching TV banner

People like me have been watching television since early childhood. This means that I have been watching adverts for my whole life! So I often ask myself how much these messages have affected my perception of reality.

In most of the cases, the objective of advertising is to sell products, not to let people understand reality better or deeper. Even when advertising proposes us effective solutions to our problems, there is always a potential trap behind that: the proposed solution has a cost and, obviously, the message does not contain any information on alternative solutions that are free, better for our life or cheaper.

So, when I see some advertising and I feel that I really WANT that product, I always ask myself: “But do I really NEED it?” And, most of all, I ask myself “Why I want it and why I need it?”

To find the answers to these simple questions can be a great start to free your mind of unwanted conditioning. This can be the first step toward a new path, where you can see all possible options, and the destination is chosen by your deepest self and not by someone else. This is very important, because you can be happy when you want, only if you take full control of your life.


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One thought on “Advertising and our reality

  1. LotusLovesGreen says:

    When I see an object I ‘want’ I ask myself; where will I put it, or what will I use it for. If I haven’t got an answere within 2 seconds I do not need it and so I don’t buy it. Second if I am still not sure whether to buy this object or not I ask myself are there any goals I have set myself, I’d rather spent my money on? (The answere is always yes!) like save for a vacation or another experience.
    This helps me a lot.

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