A no-guru based philosophy of life


The gurus state the truth about the world or proclaim the secrets to achieve everything in life. In the Centered Life Model there aren’t any gurus, because there aren’t any egos to be fulfilled through demonstration of power or knowledge.

The Centered Life Model provides a set of tools for you to open your mind and discover where to go next: toward your best-self. It is an approach to life, with a sound philosophical foundation, which you can challenge, develop and experience on your own.

No guru is needed! Because everyone everyone will find the right path within the inner self, through 7 simple steps.

The Centered Life Model is like a compass, because it shows where North is: you are the only one who then chooses which direction to take in the “flow of life”.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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One thought on “A no-guru based philosophy of life

  1. MarinaZiff says:

    G.U.R.U. = Gee You Are You! 😉

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