The human capability of planning is one of the characteristics that makes us different from all the other species. We can predict with accuracy the result of our actions and imagine situations that do not exist yet in our reality.

You are authentic when you make your plans explicit and transparent to the others and you live in the present moment consistently; you are not authentic when you hide your plans and act taking the advantage of having the other people not knowing what you want to achieve.

Authenticity means accepting who you are and expressing your deepest essence; however, unfortunately, this is not enough. If we blindly accepted the way we are, we would never make a step forward, we would never improve and grow. Authenticity means to develop and learn to express your deepest self.

If you are an excellent person, but you approach people in the wrong manner, for example, you simply show to have bad social skills. If you then learn to be social, you can express the excellent person you are to the others all the time.

Authenticity means learning and developing the skills needed to be authentic. All this is widely covered in the life-transforming book Brilliant well-being.


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Steps to becoming confident, successful and happy

Brilliant well-being: the life-transforming book


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3 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. Elisabeth Jeffery says:

    “Authenticity” begins when life begins and understanding develops within the child. Authentic parenting is the best role model!

  2. kellyjo says:

    we all learn every day. be honest and truthful.

  3. Mohammed Alotaibi says:

    Very true. If I have good skills and not use it so its like if I don’t have it at all.

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